On February 6, 2017 Becker Mining Systems AG and Becker Mining Europe GmbH, at the initiative of Becker Mining Systems RUS o.o.o., organised a 3 day technical workshop for specialists of leading Russian mining companies in the framework of strengthening existing partnerships and devoloping new business relations. Amongst others, representatives of SUEK Ltd. and UK Sibirskaya took part in the workshop which was held at the Becker Mining Group's headquarters in Friedrichsthal/Germany.

Participants of the workshop visited the headquarters and the attached Becker Mining Europe GmbH production site in Friedrichsthal and were introduced to our new generation products of energy distribution equipment - the ENDIS® model range. They were also given a quick overview of what is underway regarding our automation systems technology devolopment MINCOS® and the development of our underground communication equipment SmartCom®.

While the final exterior design is yet to be unveiled, new technical features were presented and customers were reassured that the new product range meets any possible legal requirements. Thus, Russian customers will receive a ready-to-use-product that meets all modern safety requirements. A number of customers from around the world had been involved in the course of development since 2004, when the Becker Requirement Program first started.

In return, representatives of our Russian customers were able to ask their questions and share their thoughts that arose whilst being introduced to the new equipment. More then ever it was necessary for our clients to adapt electric equipment to the needs and environments encountered in tunneling systems. During the 3 day workshop, participants worked together with our employees from R&D to communicate their demands for the development of their businesses.

As a result of the workshop an agreement on operation tests of prototype units in Russian mines was concluded between Becker Mining Europe GmbH and Russian customers, underpinning our great partnerships. Prototype testing of the new generation Becker equipment will assure Russian miners of the outstanding operational capabilities while providing our R&D with invaluable data from practical experience and underground conditions.

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