Krasnaya Gorka Museum's latest exposition features one of our Minetrans® suspended monorails.

Since last month visitors can have a seat in the cabin of our Minetrans® suspended monorail and get an impression of what it's like to transport heavy material underground. The exposed monorail, which has served for many years in a mine in the southern Kuzbass region, was chosen for the exhibition because of it's reliability, durability and as a salute to the continued support and relationship with Becker Mining Systems RUS o.o.o.. Even after the closure of the original minesite, the Minetrans® monorail was restored to immaculate condition without any effort.

Krasnaya Gorka Museum was founded in 1991 in Kemerovo on the territory of a former coal mine. The district of Krasnaya Gorka is an open space museum and thus is a unique set of mining history. Historic and cultural monuments are arranged in their natural landscape.

The museum is open to the public daily 10am -17pm.

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