A mechanized complex produced by Becker-Warkop has been put into operation at Kakanj Mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2016 an agreement was signed between Elektroprivreda BiH (Bosnia i Herzegovina) and Becker-Warkop (Poland) regarding the delivery of a mechanized complex for Kakanj Mine. The purchase of the equipment has been financed with means intended for recapitalization of EPBiH mines. Kakanj Mine belongs to the Bosnia state energy company Elektroprivreda BiH. Besides, EPBiH manages six other coal mines - Breza, Gracanica, Abid Lolic, Kreka, Djurdjevik and Zenica. Becker-Warkop was chosen as a supplier of a mechanized complex for mining of coal beds of Kakanj Mine as a result of the tender.

On July 19th, 2016 acceptance and testing of the purchased equipment took place at Becker-Warkop's production plant in Świerklany (Poland). As a result of the tests, all required characteristics were confirmed. The hydromechanized support delivered to Kakanj Mine was tested for 60 000 working cycles and consists of the following equipment:

  • hydromechanized support BW 15/36 POz (80 pcs.) produced by Becker-Warkop;

  • face conveyor PZS BW 230/750 produced by Becker-Warkop;

  • reloader PZP BW 230/750 produced by Becker-Warkop

  • crusher KDBW 800-1200 produced by Becker-Warkop

  • Combined machine SL-300 produced by Eickhoff.

Numerous delegations from Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the official ceremony of putting the equipment into operation at Kakanj Mine, which took place in February 15th, 2017. Throughout February the complex had worked in testing mode and at the end of the month the testing period successfully ended. The work of the new mechanized complex provides:

  • increase of safety level of mining works,

  • consistency of underground development,

  • increase of efficiency and cost effectiveness of production,

  • fulfilment of planned production in order to satisfy demands of the city power stations.

Planned production of Kakanj Mine's breaking face is 2000 tons/day. Main mining and geological characteristics of the face, in which the complex is operated are the following: mineable seam thickness – 3.2 m, face length – 120 m, extraction column length – 500 m, seam inclination – up to 8°. It is expected that, thanks to the new mining equipment, the mine is going to extract 200 000 tons of coal until the end of the year! Hydromechanized support produced by Becker-Warkop is a chock-shield support intended for high efficiency mechanized complexes. It has been designed and produced according to the latest technical and technological achievements, based on German construction documents.

The key advantage of the Becker-Warkop support is the strict design in accordance with the customer’s production cycle and according to operation conditions. The support system fully meets safety and ergonomics requirements. Compactness, as well as the large area of contact with the roof and absolute control over the support provide a precise face operation. A passage in front of the shields provides safety and greater comfort for miners working at the face. The support uniqueness has been achieved thanks to the use of special steel grade, which allows reducing the support’s weight in comparison with its competitors, which reduces cost and effort to bring the material to its actual workplace.

Throughout 2017, Becker-Warkop plans to deliver another mechanized complex to Zenica Mine, which also belongs to Bosnia state energy company.


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