Becker Mining Australia is proud to announce the signing of a supply and installation contract with Auctus Minerals for a high capacity data link and digital radio system. Auctus minerals is the owner of the Mungana and King Vol mine sites in Far North Qld and is in the process of readying for production. Becker Mining Australia was chosen for this project based on our extensive experience in providing turnkey high capacity data links and reliable, high performance underground radio systems.

The scope of the project includes a high capacity microwave data transmission system and digital radio coverage at both mine sites and the access roads to the sites. Construction of two guyed radio masts and two free standing towers at strategic points along the 40km transmission path will form the backbone of the system. Each site will be connected by a 13Ghz microwave link supporting a Kenwood 5 channel DMR digital radio system. The DMR system will be IP linked across the 300Mbps microwave system to give seamless coverage across all sites and access roads. The digital radio system will eventually be migrated to the underground workings of each site.

As three of the sites are in remote areas with no main supply solar arrays and battery will supply these sites with power to allow adequate autonomy. Becker UHF leaky feeder systems have been the natural choice for Auctus’ underground mines as they provide DMR capability and unparalleled noise immunity underground which ensures maximum radio coverage. 


Becker Mining Australia is the premium mining communications provider in Australia. We specialise in providing high performance, fit for purpose solutions in the areas of radio, data evaluation, tagging&tracking and collision avoidance solutions to the underground mining industry. In addition to our communications offerings we can also offer our range of IS and Flameproof underground electrical reticulation products. For further details please contact Phil Jones of Becker Mining Australia.