MineTrans® suspended monorail system suppo...

Becker Mining Systems Russia (RUS) is proud to announce, that yet another client relies on Becker Mining Systems’ proven underground transportation solution. We delivered a Minetrans® suspended diesel locomotive KPCS–148 to Sibirginskaya mine of Yuzhny Kuzbass coal company. The monorail system went into operation and supports miners in their everyday work. The KPCS–148 suspended diesel locomotive is designed to transport people and materials to and from work areas which are gas and dust hazardous. The suspended monorail is capable of climbing and descending angles of up to ±300 at full payload. The Minetrans® system can carry about 50 miners simultaneously. This year the mine plans to start a new face, and the KPCS-148 monorail will significantly ease miners’ work when equipping the face.

Becker Mining Systems equipment has well performed and exceeds the mine’s specific requirements. This is why one more mine of Yuzhny Kubass, Olzherasskaya Novaja, decided to rely on the Minetrans® System. Becker Mining Systems RUS always strives to deliver convenient, comprehensive and safe equipment and services which are able to work efficientlyand reliably in difficult natural conditions of Russian mines.

We  want to thank Sibirginskaya mine and UK Yuzhny Kuzbass for the trust in Becker Mining Systems equipment

Mine Conveyance Rope Attachments

Becker Mining Australia is proud to announce it can offer the Australian Mining industry access to the full range of products such as safety detaching hooks friction winder attachments, cappels, clamps and compensating equipment from Becker Bellambie. Becker Bellambie are world leader in the area of shaft attachments and all products comply or exceed the relevant Australian standards. Becker Mining Australia offers full overhaul services for these products and more.

The Bellambie products bolster Becker Mining Australia´s capabilities as a leader in underground mine services and systems and adds to the already large range of Electrical, Automation and Communication solutions on offer. For more information on either of these product groups please don´t hesitate to contact Becker Mining Australia.

Becker Mining Australia is now an Austmine ...

Becker Mining Australia is proud to announce "We are now Austmine members". Austmine is the leading industry body in Australia for the thriving, dynamic and world-leading Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector. $900 billion annual revenue, 400,000 employees and  a global exporting range of 200 countries are just some of the impressive numbers related to the METS sector. Austmine supports this sector and its over 450 members by influencing business growth and competitiveness and working towards a sustainable and competitive future, with integrity and passion. For more information about Austmine, check out their homepage: http://www.austmine.com.au/.

Becker Mining Australia appreciates the membership and looks forward to participate with what made us successful: know-how, performance and reliability.

Becker Global America´s Switchgear and DC ...

The Walt Disney World Monorail System is a public transit monorail system in operation at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, U.S. As of 2016, the system is one of the most heavily utilized monorail systems in the world, carrying over 150,000 daily riders, with around 50 million people per year.

The system is 23.7km (14.7 miles) in length, operates 3 lines, with 6 stations, and travels an average speed of 64km/h (40mph). The trains are driven by eight 84 kW (113hp) motors which are powered by a 600 volt electrical system running through a busbar mounted on each side of the concrete beam.

Becker Global America’s Switchgear and DC reclosing system is utilized on the Walt Disney World Monorail System to provide the electrical distribution and prevent the closing of a DC breaker on a faulted line. After a fault or overcurrent trip occurs, the relay provides load side fault verification before the breaker can close and will automatically reclose the breaker on a clear line.


Exhibitions in 2018

As a start to 2018, we have confirmed our first exhibitions where we will be represented in any way - be it as an exhibitor, sponsor or as a visiting team.

So far our schedule commences in late January with the 8th Mining Colloquium of the TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld in Germany on January 31st. We will then be present at the PDAC convention 2018 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Further dates and locations are available from our website under "Exhibitions in 2018". There, you will also find our particular booth number at the very event. You are more than welcome to give us a visit and if you wish to set up a meeting beforehand, please leave us a message at info[at]de.becker-mining.com. The list is not complete yet and there will be more events added during the course of this month. So stay tuned and visit us on our website and your preferred channel. 

We look forward to meeting you soon.



First Toothed Monorail Introduced in Chines...

11th of July 2017 marked an important milestone in the Becker Mining China transportation system development as we successfully sold the first toothed monorails in the Chinese market for the Becker Mining Systems Group. In this way, we managed to get ahead of a couple of competitors. The agreement with Shanxi Tiandi Wangpo Coal Mining Co. Ltd. is the reward for two years of diligent and dedicated work done by the Becker Mining China transportation team. The contract carries a significant meaning not only for us, as we introduce a reliable manufacturing process that keeps up with German standards, but it also leads the direction in which we see the underground transportation market is headed.

Suspended monorails solely driven by rack-and-pinion will become more important to Chinese production sites, as they allow maximized loads under harshest conditions. In the meantime, this transition period will create more opportunities for Becker Mining China in the transportation development.

Exhibition in Regional Administration in th...

On November 23rd the 62nd Council of People’s Deputies conference of Kemerovo Region was held in Kemerovo`s Regional Administration. Deputies of Regional Council and State Duma, members of Board of Regional Administration, heads of cities and districts, councils of people’s deputies of municipalities and non-governmental organizations as well as leaders of trade unions took part in the event.

In the conference´s context the Kemerovo Region exhibition of companies´ was held, in which Becker Mining Systems RUS took part. The company presented information materials regarding mining products produced at the own production facilities in Novokuznetsk. Among them are diesel hydraulic locomotive KP-95, elements of monorail, fuel stations, air locks, hydraulic lifting beams, tranportation containers, rollers, etc.

During the conference the Governor of Kemerovo region took floor with a budget message and reported about the results of the Regional Administration activity in 2017. He focused on the regions` main industry which is coal mining.  Besides the long crisis which is connected with sharp drop of coal prices 2012-2015, no enterpise was hut down in Kuzbass, and new ones were built. In 2017 coal miners invested in the development of the industry 63 bln rubles – this is 4,6 bln more than previous year. Thus, two new open pits were established: "Trudarmeyskiy-Yuzhny" and "Karachiyakskiy" (open-working division of Taylepskaya Mine"), as well as two new mines: Tikhova and Uvalnaya.

After the official part, participants of the conference took the opportunity to interact with the represented companies at the exhibition. We are grateful to the Administration  for the invitation to take part in the exhibition and showcase some of our products. BMS RUS supports policy of import substitution and strives to deliver most convenient and safe equipment which is able to work efficiently in difficult mining and geological conditions of Russian mines.

China Coal & Mining Expo 2017

The Becker Mining Systems® Group was represented at this years China Coal & Mining Expo 2017 in Beijing, China, through its subsidiaries Tianjin Becker Electronic® Co. Ltd. and Becker Mining Systems® China Co. Ltd..

With over a 100.000 visitors in 4 days China Coal & Mining Expo represents the most important mining show in the asian and south east asian market and has become one of the top shows in the world. The show is generally organized into 4 Pavillions and Tianjin Becker Electronic® Co. Ltd. was honoured to be the only foreign lead company able to be represented in the China Pavilion. Most of the Becker Mining Systems® Group's product portfolio, as well as chain hoist equipment of our partner KITO® GROUP was accessible on the stand:


  • MineTrans® rack and pionion drive monorail
  • Mincos® automation product range
  • Parts of the SmartCom® product range
  • Endis® Engery Distribution products with the new Endis® 4.0
  • KITO® Chain hoist equipment

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wegener, the group's CFO, was honoured to represent the Becker Mining Systems® Group as part of the 2017 China Coal &Mining Expo official opening ceremony alongside with top level chinese politicians and entrepreneurs.

With many visitors, customers and new contacts every day, the show was a complete success.

A big thank you to our employees, who made this show a special event

through their continued hard work in the weeks before and during the event!




近日,第十七届中国国际煤炭采矿技术交流及设备展览会在中国北京举办。德国贝克集团携其子公司天津贝克电气有限公司和贝克(中国)矿山设备有限公司亮相该展。作为世界顶级展会之一,同样也是亚洲和东南亚市场最重要的矿展,短短4天内吸引了近10万人次观众前来参观。本次展会由4个展馆组成,天津贝克电子有限公司荣幸成为唯一能够在中国馆参展的外资龙头企业。 贝克集团本届参展展品涵盖了大部分贝克集团的系列产品以及合作伙伴KITO集团的链式起重设备:

  • 矿用辅助运输设备齿轨单轨吊车 MineTrans®
  • 自动控制产品系列 Mincos®
  • 通讯产品部件 SmartCom®
  • 传统开关产品及新型开关产品 Endis®
  • 链式起重设备 KITO®

      Wolfgang Wegener教授 博士, 作为贝克集团首席财务官荣幸地代表贝克集团与众多政府要员和业内知名企业家一起出席了本届中国煤炭博览会开幕式。 我们的展会现场更是人气爆棚。 4天时间内, 每天都有数不尽的到访者,客户以及对我们产品感兴趣的人,其中很多参观者也借此机会留下了联系方式。 我们的展会之所以能够取得圆满成功和我们员工充分的准备和不懈的努力是离不开的。


ООО BMS RUS took part in the Mine Perm E...

From October 10 to 13, the specialized exhibition for modern technologies and special equipment for extraction and processing of ore and minerals, Rudnik-2017, took place in Perm, Russia. The Rudnik Expo has been a unique place for presenting new products, constructive negotiations and the conclusion of contracts for OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS. This Year over 90 exhibitors took part in the show.

The main topics were as follows:

  • Underground Mining
  • Drifting
  • Overburden Mining and First Workings
  • Output
  • Support Erection
  • Flushing of workings
  • Carting 
  • Transport, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Open-pit workings
  • Deep-drilling
  • Cleaning plants

OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS is the only subsidiary of the German Becker Mining Systems Group on the territory of Russia and it was part of the show for the second time.

Main Products presented at the show were the KE1008DEV compact switch gear station, a joint production with OOO SUEK-Khakassia, and premium hoist equipment of our Partner KITO Group.

OOO Becker Mining Systems RUS says Thank You to all the visitors and for the interest in our products.

We will be happy to receive feedback from you regarding our equipment.