Our remote blasting system SmartBlast® of Becker Varis Ltd. has been featured in this month's August issue of International Mining Magazine.

"Becker Varis Ltd. is a leader in underground blasting systems through its SmartBlast® product line. Working in conjunction with the Leaky Feeder system, using the latest microprocessor and message encoding and validation technology –SmartBlast® provides a safe, reliable and accurate remote blast initiation system."





The key features of our SmartBlast® system include:

  • PC based controlled or remote controlled
  • Maximum capacity of 64 remote units
  • Seismic Monitoring
  • Programmable firing sequence


Exclusively attached for our visitors you'll find the "Explosives and Delivery" article of this month's issue of the International Mining Magazine (IM). For a full version of the August issue please contact lynne@im-mining.com or emma@im-mining.com


(You may want to start reading just above left of our SmartBlast® firing devices on page 1)